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Specialized Items



  • Liquid Goods Transportation

  • Our specialists can handle & manage products with dedicated protective measures

  • Certified and protected transport procedures


When shipping a motor vehicle, it is usually packed in a specially built wooden case and secured onto the aircraft to provide maximum security. If shipping a car, specialized aircraft pallets are used to secure the vehicle using high force fabric straps to ensure minimum movement during the transition. ​

Services include:

  • Collection

  • Security screening

  • Dangerous goods classifications & documentations

  • Loading and securing vehicle to the aircraft

Image by Adam Nieścioruk
Image by Meritt Thomas

Fresh Cargo

Transfer of fresh goods by air transportation improves people’s living quality by reducing the delivery time, more secure, speediness & high efficiency. Nowadays transportation of fresh goods by air is the inevitable way to win the international trade market.

Landing Gear

Lading gear is one of the most important parts of an aircraft. It requires high protection during transition. We provide the speedy service & appropriate packing to make sure the landing gears transfer safely to our valuable customers.

landing gear.png
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